‚ÄčHydaburg Cooperative Association



The Mission of the Hydaburg Cooperative Association is to honor, strengthen and preserve our Haida Culture and Language through fostering healthy children and families who have pride and dignity in the community and culture, and by creating economic development opportunities for all our people.

Tribal Council:

President ~ Sidney Edenshaw

Vice President ~ Frank Guthrie
Secretary/Treas ~ Jean Bland

Council Members ~

Marvell Nix

Toni Bitonti

Sandra Peele

Natasha Peele

HCA Staff:

Doreen Witwer ~ Tribal Administrator

Frances Natkong ~ Administrative Assistant

Christine Tolson ~ Tribal Book Keeper

Roxanne Peele ~ Tribal Transportation Book Keeper

Jodene Warren ~ Transportation Director

Anthony Christianson ~ Environmental Planner

Dorinda Sanderson ~

Colleen Kashevarof ~ Human Services

Jess Dilts ~ Housing Director

Jon Wunrow ~ Grant Writer

Theodore Peele ~ Property Manager/Transit Driver

Laverne Nix ~ Mini Mart Clerk