Hydaburg Cooperative Association

HCA Accomplishments: 2005-2017

-Worked with entities in the community, The United Front, and produced an Economic Development Plan for Hydaburg for 2005-2015.   As all the goals and objectives have been reached in the plan, The group has worked on upgrading the Economic Development Plan for Hydaburg for the next 20 years.  The new Community Economic Plan for 2016-2036 is now being presented to all entities for their approval.

 -Paved Hydaburg streets and driveways in conjunction with the City.  HCA is also responsible for city street maintenance.

-Upgraded infrastructure in town, including water and sewer lines.  HCA also worked with the City and replaced the street lights with LED lights and helped to reduce the city electric bill.

-Cleaned up the town and removed old buildings, placed planters, made new street signs, and Welcome to Hydaburg signs(3)

 -Purchased land and maintenance shop from city

 -Equipment area fenced for storage of equipment, and the Bulk Fuel facility.

 -Bulk Fuel Facility:  Gas and Diesel for sale, we are now looking for a fuel truck to purchase.

 -Renovated the Totem Park with an ongoing Carving Project-Master carvers teaching apprentices and students.   21 totems have been replicated, and a Raven pole added.Thanks for Haida Corporation, Sealaska and the Forest Service who all worked with the tribe and provided trees.  HCA also has an agreement with the forest Service for a section of land from which we can harvest trees for totems, carving projects, etc.

Purchased a wood mill through XKKF  with a grant from the Rasmuson foundation and monetary donations from the City and HCA. The mill is now used to produce lumber for artists, the Long House, local community members who are building caskets, pieces of art, etc. HCA received an additional grant from the Rasmuson Foundation in the amount of $21,000.00 to purchase tools for the carving shed and art projects in the carving shed. 

-Built a new Carving Shed for community use.  The City council approved the use of city land upon which the carving shed was built.  The wood mill produced much of the wood used for the building and staff and Four Square church groups made the wood shingles.

 -Culture Camp in July every year for the past 21 years.  We work throughout the year with the community and provide classes on Haida language, song and dance, Regalia making, weaving, beading, gathering and preserving of food, and many other cultural activities. We have many people returning home for Culture camp every summer.  Attendance is higher every year.  Last year we had about 500 people every day for the classes and on the final day, with the feast we have well over 1000 people from around the island and from all over the USA.

 -Formed a CQE (Community Quota Entity) and have the ability to purchase IFQ’s for halibut and sablefish. Hydaburg Community Holding Corporation also holds 4 community charter halibut permits.

-Formed XKKF, a non profit entity for promoting and preserving the Haida Culture and language. XKKF has received several small grants and currently is holding Haida Language classes.

 -Formed HCA Construction, a For Profit construction company

 -Submitted and received approval for a legislative grant which provided funding for “The Haida Watchman” our new Search and Rescue vessel for the community. The cost of this vessel was $350,000.00  Also, funding for the EMS group and training, and training for 2 community members who have received their licenses as Captains.  This grant also enabled us to clean the harbor of sunken boats and debris prior to the new harbor system being installed by the City. 

 -Recently received approval to utilize $85,000.00 from the State legislative grant for the purchase of a warm storage building for the Search and Rescue vessel. This building has been constructed and now houses the Search and Rescue vessel. HCA also maintains and insures the ambulance and HCA staff is key in the operation of the ambulance and working to upgrade the EMS volunteer crew.

 -Worked with the City of Hydaburg and received 28 lots for the purpose of building homes for tribal members. The NAHASDA grant for 2016 will begin the first building of a home for tribal member use.

 -Through our NAHASDA program, obtained 5 new homes, completed all aspects of placing them and provided homes to 5 families.
-Through the NAHASDA Program purchased the 12 plex apartment building from T&H and have filled all but 2 units, so in total have housed 16 families.

 -HCA has established a Transit system and for the past 3 years has successfully run the system with great reviews from tribal members.  We received a grant to purchase a new bus, and have purchased another one through our Roads program, so  have 2 new buses in operation, and employ 2 transit drivers.

 -HCA purchased Dot’s Blue building and has renovated for the tribes business ventures. A Mini mart and artist store is now in business, which employs 4 local community members.

-HCA upgraded and built a new bridge on the Saltery road.  The road has been upgraded as in the Economic Development plan, Saltery Point is the future economic development site for the community. This project was developed in conjunction with Haida Corporation.

-With development in the HCA Roads program, we have run several road projects through Force account and trained several local tribal members who have gone on to work elsewhere.  We have a  line of equipment and operators/drivers that were trained in HCA’s Force account projects.  We have worked with Alaska Power and Telephone, Sealaska, Forest Service and other entities on construction projects.

-HCA has received $600,000 for bridge planning on the Deer Bay Road, through our Roads program. The bridges are on Haida Corporation land and Sealaska land. When the planning is complete, we will be applying for funding to repair or replace 4 bridges on the Deer Bay Road. HCA worked with Sealaska to cut brush and ditch the Deer Bay Road to keep it useable.

-HCA has also received $300,000.00 through our roads program to build a new maintenance shop for the roads program which will store our equipment . We have also applied for funding to repair the downtown dock and make it usable which will enhance the Seafood Specialty plant operations. This work will be accomplished through an agreement with the City of Hydaburg.We have begun ordering materials and work will begin on the dock in a few weeks.

-HCA has now completed the harbor project.  The approach is built as well as a new boat grid and a boat launch and was funded through the HCA Roads program. 

 -HCA has run an Elder food program, as well as a program to feed the children of the community in an after school and summer program.  Children up to age 18 can go to the Boys and Girls Club every week day for lunch. We give turkeys to every household for Thanksgiving.  HCA participates in all youth activities in the community and provides assistance on every holiday event for the children in the community.

 -Along with all our other programs that HCA administers, we also run a Food Distribution program which serves many community members, through an agreement with ANTHC and employ a person.

 -HCA runs a Human Services program, Housing program, Roads Program, Environmental programs, such as IGAP, Stream mapping, Sustainable Food Program, a Hetta weir program, Marine Debris program, NAGPRA program, Brownsfield program, Education program, Transit program, Economic Development program which employees the Master Carvers and apprentices. In addition, the staff volunteers in many other activities, such as healthy activities for children, the elder dinners, gathering and preserving food for dinners and Culture Camp, volunteering at community events-such as funerals, memorials, school events, etc.

 -HCA renovated the Boys and Girls Club. For the past 3 years, we have employed local community members to run the club.  This last year, the Anchorage office has funded the program.
-HCA has also be purchased the Community building on Cedar St.  The plan is to use this as a training classroom, place for meetings, etc. We have upgraded the building to include a shower, repaired the bathroom and put laundry facilities in.  We have been using the building as a housing unit for visiting groups.

 -With the United Front, which consists of the entities in Hydaburg, we have worked on the Totem project, the Carving Shed, the Long House Project.  We have  worked together to have a Wetland Mitigation Plan developed so any future projects for the community will have the beginning process in place, as many permits, etc. must be obtained prior to any construction. We are in the process of a Land Use Plan for the community.

 -We have received funding from the Rasmuson Foundation to  build a Haida Long House in the amount of $400,000.  The Four Square Church is contributing $240,000.00 of inkind labor, Sealaska contributed $20,000  and HCA is contributing $160,000.00,  The ANB Hall was demolished and the site designated as the location for the Long house. We have an architect who has drawn up plans and given us a material list, and we have work groups from the Four Square church to work on the construction.  There are 10 or more groups who are planning to come to Hydaburg and work on various projects beginning at the end of April and through the summer. The foundation is complete and we have been milling wood and placed orders for materials to begin the construction.

- In conjunction with this, we received a $75,000 grant from Alaska Mental Health to purchase materials for the long house.

-HCA also has many other projects happening with other programs which are run through the tribe.  Our environmental program does stream mapping, counting sockeye at Hetta and Eek so we can protect our subsistence areas, clean ups, recycling, etc. We have worked with the Hydro project and conducted stream assessments.  We are currently conducting a wolf study project.

-HCA has received 2 NAGPRA grants and the current grant was received in 2016. This grant will be for a 2 year period in the amount of $111,201.00.  This grant will enable us to repatriate Haida artifacts from museums, etc.

-We have been working with the school district on grants for funding programs within the school. HCA has donated materials to the school so that the children can have Haida classes.  We have the carving shed open for students and community members who are interested in producing their art.  We have received a grant for house posts for the Long house and will employ a master carver, and apprentice and 3 youth apprentices. 

 -We were involved in a Biomass study which provides information on wood burning systems, etc. The school district has received funding for a wood burning unit for their buildings and this will provide jobs for local people.

-We worked with Haida Corporation and now have an Energy study for the community.

 -We successfully submitted a grant to EDA and are in the process of renovating the cold storage building to a Seafood Speciality Plant.  It will be operational this summer of 2017.  This plant will employ at least 8 local people. HCA and the City of Hydaburg are partners in this project.

- HCA has successfully implemented an Enhanced Tribal Card program.  We are the third in the United States to begin this program.  The Haida Tribal Enhanced card is the same as a US passport and can be used for travel in the US as well as other countries.
-HCA runs numerous programs and we are proud to state that we have had clean audits for the past ten years.

 -At present, HCA employs 20 plus people.  At various times during the year, we add 6/7 positions for various work projects, which totals 40 or more. Last year, the HCA Council hired a grant writer and Project Manager, Jon Wunrow and this position has brought in most of the grants we are now receiving.

We are working very hard on economic development activities for the community, such as a Specialty Seafood Plant (in conjunction with the City), Cultural Tourism with the Culture Camp which is held annually, our new Totem Park, the  Long House project,  Cultural Tourism and Eco tours, An Artists co-op , the Carving Shed, and the wood mill.

 HCA recently received an ANA Grant for a 2 year project in the amount of $300,000.00 for develop a Cultural Tourism plan for Hydaburg and an Artist Coop, including a website.  We are in year 1 of this project.

 -HCA just received a grant which will provide a 3 week Haida Summer Immersion Camp.  The grant is for $50,000.00, and will greatly enhance our language preservation efforts.

-HCA received a $7,000.00 grant from IMLS and purchased Haida books which begin the Haida library in the Long House.

 -We have received work that a FEMA grant is in the final stages of review and this will provide Preparedness for the community. HCA has already prepared a “Small Community Emergency Response Plan” for Hydaburg, and this will provide more infrastructure for any emergencies.

The basis for all that has been accomplished for the tribe and the community is a strong and supportive council.  The HCA council has had longevity and remained steadfast in their mission to make Hydaburg a better place for it’s tribal members and all the residents of Hydaburg.