Hydaburg Cooperative Association


In November 2014, Hydaburg Cooperative Association received $1.3 million Public Works and Economic Development Facility grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

The Purpose of the grant is to completely renovate approximately 8,000 sf of the old cold storage facility that is owned by the City of Hydaburg. The Newly renovated facility will house the "Haida Wild Seafoods", a newly formed company that is jointly owned by the Hydaburg Cooperative Association and the City of Hydaburg.

Once it is fully operational, the plant will be able to process a mixture of species and provide an array of processing services. The plant will concentrate on local spot prawns and salmon, it will have a custom smoker and canner, offer custom processing, serve as a buying station and ice supplier, and have a small retail space to sell products that are produced.

The intent of this project is to develop and operate a sustainable and profitable Seafood Processing Plant that includes a value-added seafood waste processing component. Initially, the value-added product that will be produced is a frozen bait chub made of fish waste that will be locally available for sale. We anticipate that the Seafood processing plant will have a significant economic impact on the local economy of Hydaburg and support several fishing related private sector businesses and individuals. If all goes well, the plant will begin operations in the Summer of 2016.

HCA 6th Annual King Salmon Derby

​                   April 15th - July 22nd 2016